FamilyTreeDNA integration is an Open Humans project that allows people to upload their genetic test results generated by the company FamilyTreeDNA.

The integration is a Django/Python project that makes use of Celery to check whether uploaded files are valid. The code and documentation lives on GitHub, where also some issues can be found

Ways to contribute

Check grammar/spelling

Most contributions so far come from people for whom English is a foreign language. Due to that there’s probably room for some copy-editing to smoothen things out. Having a native speaker read over the texts would be highly appreciated. This goes both for the README.md that describes the setup for the development environment as well as the texts on the website itself.

Add support for further file formats

Quoting a potential user here:

FamilyTreeDNA integration appears only to work for the FamilyTreeDNA Family Finder test, not for any other testing they performed nor for testing they did for The Genographic Project.

The problem is that our celery task scans files whether they are valid and it will delete files if they don’t match the expected format. I have a couple of example files for the additional tests (e.g. Y-chromosomal STRs) that should be supported and be accepted too. I need to anonymize these first. Once that’s done I can provide the general format. If someone wants to work on this I’ll prioritize it.